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Introducing “Download YouTube”


The latest versiopn is uploaded to the store under a new name, supports all windows major platforms. please try following link.

TubeTube windows 10 version


windows 8 version


tubetube wp8


“Download YouTube” is a simple and easy to use YouTube player and downloader. It saves videos to you local folder Videos/”youtube videos” with a reliable 1-click download.

When you start the app, you are in the search page. A couple pre-defined feeds are listed, however google doesn’t update their content too frequently. To make it useful, you can start searching with any keyword or copy a url like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RBdjkFIAK4to start playing directly. Clicking the “download” button under the thumbnail will add the download to the queue. You can check the progress at the bottom of the screen.

search page

search page

playing the video

playing the video

The classic game Brick Breaker

Brick Breaker is a classic arcade game that is similar to the TAITO’s Arkanoid or Atari’s Breakout game. In this game you control a paddle on the bottom of the screen to breakout all bricks by bouncing a ball up and down. 5 different kinds of powerup will fall from the top when bricks are cleared. They will make you pad longer, or give you three balls. 35 free levels are provided. Enjoy the same playing experience of the original version.

It’s available in
Windows 8 store,
Windows Phone 8 store,
Google Play (Android),
Amazon appstore.


Privacy Policy:
Brick Breaker doesn’t collect any personal information in any means.

Download Youtube – FAQ

Link to “Download Youtube” in Windows 8 store.

How does audio extraction work? How to use it?
What is the audio AAC format?
Can I download only the audio file without the video file?
What is the 403 forbidden error? How to fix it?
Why my download won’t start?
I am old enouth, why I can’t download age restricted (18+) videos?
The app doesn’t work after I upgrade to windows 8.1.
How do I convert mp4 files to mp3 files that I already downloaded?
But I have more questions?

Q: How does audio extraction work? How to use it??

A: Audio extraction can be enabled from the settings page.
1. Access “Settings” page by clicking the Settings button on the top right corner
2. Click the toggle button of “Audio Extraction” that it shows “Audio Extraction” instead of “No Audio”
3. By default audio files are put under the root of Music library, feel free to specify a different folder.
4. After doing so, all videos you download later will generate a audio file under the specified folder. The audio file has the same name with the video file, but with extension .aac
5. play the .aac file in media player or copy it to you mp3 player. Virtually all modern players support aac format.

Q: What is the audio AAC format?

A: AAC is the new audio encoding format that has many improvements comparing with mp3. Apple is one major contributor to this format so it has perfect compability with ipod and iphones. Most modern players support this format. Finally the Wikipedia link: AAC Format

Q: Can I download only the audio file without the video file?</?

A: Unfortunately youtube doesn’t provide standalone audio file download. But if you plan to delete the video file anyway, you can select the lowest download quality to save some download time.

Q: What is the 403 forbidden error? How to fix it?

A: 403 is usually because youtube.com forbids the download of the video. Download YouTube can work around some of them. But as YouTube is consistently changing their protection algorithm, I have to keep up with pushing new releases too. When you see 403 error, please update to the latest version in the store and retry. If it still doesn’t work, please report to me at yingxiong@outlook.com, I’ll work on that.

Q: Why my download won’t start?

A: In some cases, you can still play the video with the built-in player, but the download job won’t start at the very beginning. When you hover the mouse on the job, it says “connecting to the server”. Becuse the player is ok, there is no problem with your connection. It’s probably related to a windows bug. Please restart windows 8 (the OS) and retry. It may help.

Q: I am old enouth, why I can’t download age restricted (18+) videos?

A: Youtube.com has some protection on age restricted (18+) videos. This app doesn’t support account login, so it can’t verify your age. I update the algorithm to work around this protection, so it should be able to download most 18+ videos. If you still have any problem, try following:
1. Update the app to latest version, greater than, and try again.
2. If the latest version still ca’t download, report the video link to me so I can investigate. click the “web” button to open the browser and send me the URL.

Q:The app doesn’t work after I upgrade to windows 8.1.

A: Please uninstall and reinstall the app. Uninstall by right clicking the tile and choose “uninstall” from the bottom app bar.

Q:How do I convert mp4 files to mp3 files that I already downloaded?

A: This app can only do mp3 conversion at the same time of download. If you want to handle offline files, try this separate app: mp4 to mp3 converter

Q: But I have more questions?

A: Please send us email at yingxiong@outlook.com. There is a quick link in the Settings page of the app.